Feedback from the course in May 2010

Although I've ridden as a teenager, I've only had a couple of lessons; mostly I enjoyed a gentle hack around the Kentish countryside.  However, after an incident in my mid twenties with a runaway horse where although I stayed on, was black and blue from knee to knee, it took me 20 years to get back on a horse.  A very good friend carefully nurtured me back into the saddle; but my desire has always to firstly 'be in control' and secondly 'in tune' with the horse - building a wonderful relationship was important to me. 

Hazel Armitage introduced me last year to watch a 'Riding with your Mind'
course and I was hooked!  This was so my thing, so natural; to use our joint energies to communicate with each other! 

I was so pleased that I did my homework (Hazel is a great taskmaster!) of reading Mary Wanless' 'Riding Your Mind Essentials' which prepared me for the two days I was to spend under Elaine's tutelage.  I knew it was going to be great; it was actually fantastic... Elaine's patience, understanding and communication treating each participant as an individual made it an honour for me to be there - I knew that this was special!  I started with the basics, nothing was taken for granted, and my improvement and knowledge showed up immediately. 

My thanks to Elaine for her brilliant way with horses and people that allow them both to shine!  And so to practice... in readiness for next time!


 Thank you for the  Ride With Your Mind course and for introducing me to this way of riding, it was a revelation.
 Elaine was so clever and patient with Lanzoe and me,his response was uncanny as if he had been waiting a long time for this lesson!
 I think in the future we will have an even better relationship. As a relatively inexperienced rider I felt that I benefited enormously in terms of confidence and control.
The facilities,venue,catering and overall ambiance was fantastic, I would love to come to another course in the coming months.
Many thanks to you Hazel and to Elaine,with her incredible technique.


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